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CFS Software for Hospitals and Clinics Comprises Of Standard Healthcare Processes integrated. Patient’s Clinical Records (EMR) are maintained using Health care standards. Easy to Use, Easy to Customize per need. Solution has been built on Open Source technology stack with OpenMRS at the core. Light weight on deployment infrastructures. Organizations need not invest huge to maintain the software solutions. We value privacy and security of the healthcare data and information at the topmost priority hence Solution will be implemented in a secured hospital’s networks making it available to use only within the hospital’s network. However, solution can also be implemented as SaaS (Cloud based service) on Demand.



OPD Patients
Patient Registration
Front Desk Billing
Appointments & Provider Scheduling
Visit History, Allergies, Patient history
Maintain Patient Records (EMR) & Quick searches by Ids/Name/etc
Patient Reports & Prints
Patient Communications SMS Reminders, Emails
Orders From Laboratory, Billing and Lab Reports
Drug prescriptions, Pharma Billing


Patient’s Insurance Claims
Enrollment Details, Validity Check For Insurance on Registration
Integration with Insurance Management Information Systems
Submit Claims To Insurance systems via Facilities
View Claim Status & Update
Billing & Bill Tagging


IPD Patient Management
Patient Dashboard
Patient Admission, Transferrs, Discharge Management
Reports and Discharge Summary & Prints
Management for Admission to Wards, Allocation Of Beds
Drug Prescription, Administration Of Drugs

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